It means Create, Read, Update, Delete. It is a fundamental operation for any web application or any technology. This operation mainly handles the data manipulation of the database. Crud can also describe user-interface conventions that allow viewing, searching, and modifying information through computer-based forms and reports.

Any organization or company used to collect their application’s user data. For example, example, for an e-commerce website users need to put their data into the website for delivering and order purposes. Here comes the use of data.

Create is a function that allows a user to create a new record in the database. It stores as a new row for SQL database and JSON formate for No-SQL database. Ex, when users create a new account to a website there create data about their login credentials.

Read is a function for viewing or searching any previously stored data. It allows users to search and view specific data in the database and read their values. A user may be able to find desired records using keywords, or by filtering the data based on customized criteria. For example, when users view the search for a product or anything they read the data from the database, or when a user login to the previously signed-in website they are reading data.

Update function is used to modify existing records that already exist in the database. To fully change a record, users may have to modify information in multiple fields. For Example, a product price is $100. But the company needs to reduce the price for giving an offer to their user that means they need to update the price that is already present in their database. 

Delete is a function to remove or clear existing from the database. A hard delete permanently removes records from the database, while a soft delete might simply update the status of a row to indicate that it has been deleted while leaving the data present and intact. For example, a user wants to remove a comment after some time or they have done something mistakenly then they need to use the delete operation available in the application.

JWT – JSON Web Token:

It’s a compact and self-contained way for securely transmitting information between parties as a JSON object. It is used for increasing the security of the website. It confirms previously stored data. Once a user logged in or pass a request from the client side a token is created in the client end that is passed along with the requesting user sent. Then this encrypted token is being checked in the server and validated the user authentication or the validity of the request.

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